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Timeline of events

  • 1/13/20: transferred from ns1.fulserver.az. and ns2.fulserver.az. to ns1.fulxost.az. and ns2.fulxost.az.
  • 5/12/19: registered on ns1.fulserver.az. and ns2.fulserver.az.
  • 1/31/18: expired (was on dns19.parkpage.foundationapi.com. and dns20.parkpage.foundationapi.com.)
  • 12/20/17: transferred from ns1.xostum.ru. and ns2.xostum.ru. to dns19.parkpage.foundationapi.com. and dns20.parkpage.foundationapi.com.
  • 10/25/17: transferred from ns1.azhosting.info. and ns2.azhosting.info. to ns1.xostum.ru. and ns2.xostum.ru.
  • 10/20/17: transferred from ns1.sifariw.info. and ns2.sifariw.info. to ns1.azhosting.info. and ns2.azhosting.info.
  • 10/13/17: transferred from ns1.azteam.org. and ns2.azteam.org. to ns1.sifariw.info. and ns2.sifariw.info.
  • 9/29/17: transferred from ns1.azteam.biz. and ns2.azteam.biz. to ns1.azteam.org. and ns2.azteam.org.
  • 9/14/17: transferred from ns1.domenaz.ru. and ns2.domenaz.ru. to ns1.azteam.biz. and ns2.azteam.biz.
  • 7/14/17: transferred from ns1.azvds.ru. and ns2.azvds.ru. to ns1.domenaz.ru. and ns2.domenaz.ru.
  • 7/12/17: transferred from ns1.azvds.ru. and ns2.azvds.ru. to ns1.azvds.ru. and ns2.azvds.ru.