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Picture from the site www.hbwt.us
Picture from the site www.hbwt.us


Title: Heywood B. Williams-Tracy
Description: Son, Brother, Eagle Scout, Honors College Student, Runner, Social Scientist.
URL: https://heywood.xyz/?gi=aae62dbe1c27

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  • twitter:description: Son, Brother, Eagle Scout, Honors College Student, Runner, Social Scientist.
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« DNS » (Domain Name System) is the phone book for the Internet. It converts human readable names like "hbwt.us" to a phone number so computers can call each other. Well, actually Internet uses IP Addresses, not phone numbers.



TTL: 300
Serial number: 1573172218
Retry: 60
Negative caching time: 300
Primary master: ns1.uniregistry-dns.net.
Zone admin: dns.uniregistry.net.
Refresh: 86400
Expire: 604800


TTL: 300
Servers: ns2.uniregistry-dns.com, ns1.uniregistry-dns.net, ns1.uniregistry-dns.com, and ns2.uniregistry-dns.net


TTL: 300
Canonical name: hbwt.us.



TTL: 300
Canonical name: www.hbwt.us.

hbwt.us live DNS

Check live dns records for hbwt.us on dnstoolkit.net

Timeline of events

  • 11/7/19: registered on ns1.uniregistry-dns.com., ns1.uniregistry-dns.net., ns2.uniregistry-dns.com., and ns2.uniregistry-dns.net.
  • 11/13/17: expired (was on ns1.expired.uniregistry-dns.com. and ns2.expired.uniregistry-dns.com.)
  • 10/8/17: transferred from ns1.uniregistry-dns.com., ns1.uniregistry-dns.net., ns2.uniregistry-dns.com., and ns2.uniregistry-dns.net. to ns1.expired.uniregistry-dns.com. and ns2.expired.uniregistry-dns.com.