Aksiyon.org - A Ksi Y On

Timeline of events

  • 3/26/20: transferred from ex1.natrohost.com. and ex2.natrohost.com. to ns1.aksiyon.org. and ns2.aksiyon.org.
  • 3/25/20: transferred from ns1.aksiyon.org. and ns2.aksiyon.org. to ex1.natrohost.com. and ex2.natrohost.com.
  • 6/3/19: transferred from meg.ns.cloudflare.com. and plato.ns.cloudflare.com. to ns1.aksiyon.org. and ns2.aksiyon.org.
  • 1/18/19: transferred from ns1.hepdestek.com. and ns2.hepdestek.com. to meg.ns.cloudflare.com. and plato.ns.cloudflare.com.
  • 12/4/18: transferred from ns1.poyrazhosting.com. and ns2.poyrazhosting.com. to ns1.hepdestek.com. and ns2.hepdestek.com.
  • 7/19/18: transferred from sc1.aksiyon.org. and sc2.aksiyon.org. to ns1.poyrazhosting.com. and ns2.poyrazhosting.com.
  • 5/27/18: transferred from ns1.natrohost.com. and ns2.natrohost.com. to sc1.aksiyon.org. and sc2.aksiyon.org.
  • 3/25/18: registered on ns1.natrohost.com. and ns2.natrohost.com.
  • 2/14/18: expired (was on dns19.parkpage.foundationapi.com. and dns20.parkpage.foundationapi.com.)
  • 1/3/18: transferred from ns1.sedoparking.com. and ns2.sedoparking.com. to dns19.parkpage.foundationapi.com. and dns20.parkpage.foundationapi.com.