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Timeline of events

  • 4/8/21: transferred from ns1.dnsowl.com., ns2.dnsowl.com., and ns3.dnsowl.com. to ns1.dns.com. and ns2.dns.com.
  • 4/7/21: transferred from ns1.dns.com. and ns2.dns.com. to ns1.dnsowl.com., ns2.dnsowl.com., and ns3.dnsowl.com.
  • 3/12/21: transferred from v1s1.xundns.com. and v1s2.xundns.com. to ns1.dns.com. and ns2.dns.com.
  • 8/23/20: transferred from ns1.dns.com. and ns2.dns.com. to v1s1.xundns.com. and v1s2.xundns.com.
  • 10/9/18: transferred from a.dnspod.com., b.dnspod.com., and c.dnspod.com. to jm1.dns.com. and jm2.dns.com.
  • 3/25/18: transferred from v1.dnsdun.com. and v1.dnsdun.net. to a.dnspod.com., b.dnspod.com., and c.dnspod.com.
  • 2/19/18: transferred from juming1.dnspod.net. and juming2.dnspod.net. to v1.dnsdun.com. and v1.dnsdun.net.
  • 10/29/17: transferred from juming1.dnspod and juming2.dnspod to juming1.dnspod.net. and juming2.dnspod.net.