1property.org - 1 Property

1property.org has expired. The data items displayed on this page are the last ones that were collected.

Timeline of events

  • 1/13/20: expired (was on ns57.domaincontrol.com. and ns58.domaincontrol.com.)
  • 12/7/19: transferred from ns1.sav.com. and ns2.sav.com. to ns57.domaincontrol.com. and ns58.domaincontrol.com.
  • 11/16/19: transferred from ns1.undeveloped.com. and ns2.undeveloped.com. to ns1.sav.com. and ns2.sav.com.
  • 7/27/18: transferred from ns1.afternic.com. and ns2.afternic.com. to ns1.undeveloped.com. and ns2.undeveloped.com.
  • 6/20/18: transferred from ns3.afternic.com. and ns4.afternic.com. to ns1.afternic.com. and ns2.afternic.com.
  • 2/1/18: transferred from ns100.rookdns.com. and ns99.rookdns.com. to ns3.afternic.com. and ns4.afternic.com.
  • 1/15/18: transferred from ns35.domaincontrol.com. and ns36.domaincontrol.com. to ns100.rookdns.com. and ns99.rookdns.com.
  • 1/13/18: transferred from ns13.domaincontrol.com. and ns14.domaincontrol.com. to ns35.domaincontrol.com. and ns36.domaincontrol.com.